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If you've ever been out cutting the grass and been thirsty, you're not the only one. But where do you store that drink? Lucky for you, Scag makes a universal cup holder that fits most Scag models so you can enjoy your favorite beverage while you're ridin' the Tiger.

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  • Scag 920W Cup Holder for all models

    Scag 920W Cup Holder for all models

    Bolt-on cupholder available as an add-on option for 61"/72" SCZ Cheetah, SVR V-Ride, and most 2004 and earlier Scag models including SW & SWZ Walk Behind, STHM 3-Wheeled Riders, STT, STT-BSG, STT-BSD Turf Tigers, SVR V-Ride, SCZ Cheetah and more...

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